T R E N D   A N A L Y S T   &   D A T A   D E S I G N E R  

"For me, spotting trends and insights are critically required to design right products to serve the market demands."



With 4 years of academic experiences in Creative Design, majoring in Fashion Design and Merchandising and additional 4 years in professional experiences in Strategic Planning and Trend Analysis... Find out more details about how you can unleash your possibilities with my expertises and services.







P  R  O  J  E  C  T  S


Fashion / Business Strategy / Retail Strategy / Trend Forecast / Consumer Insight Research / Exhibition Design / Data Visual Design

Trend Research

Trend research for women a/w 2019-20

Fashion Business Developing

Ralph Lauren Brand analysis report

Fashion Design & Branding

Lifestyle brand creation project

Marni Rebranding

Marni's Menswear revamping project - adding more youthful and flamboyant design into their products.

Accessories Design

'Yanit Thawara' Accessories Design Project

Textile Design

Organic Colors Dying experimental


Illustrations and Drawings of nature elements and forms. Using basic materials and utensils.


Crafting with needles


Backstage dresser for Chanel Cruise in Thailand 2018

Product Design

'Mon dux bois' product and Furniture design project

Accessories Design

Jewellery design project- from waste and up cycling materials


Hand looming immersive experience exhibition

Fashion Design

Womenswear Collection - inspired by Kinetic rhythm

Fashion Design

Creative-wear project, inspired by Metropolitan cityscape

Fashion Design

Fashion design in the theme of 'British roses' Project

Fashion Entrepreneurship

Brand owner and creative director of 'Yanit Bangkok'

Fashion Design

Unstoppable Allurement A/W 19-20 Womenswear collection (senior project)

Fashion Design

Sportswear design - remaking from vintage clothes